Specialty Sprinter & Cargo Vehicle Conversions

Vehicle Upfitting and conversions is one of our specialties. We have been converting vehicles for over 15 years and have delivered over 15,000 vehicles to the NYPD. We have designed and fabricated vehicles for commercial interests and municipalities all over the world Contact Us today for a free consultation

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Offroad & Remote Access Sprinters

Getting our vehicle to remote locations is important for many types of users. The emergency personnel will need to get medical attention to people in remote ski resorts or commercial projects.

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Surveillance & Undercover Sprinters

Undercover vehicle conversions When placing in lighting and siren options for undercover vehicles you have to be understated with your graphics. Undercover Law Enforcement Vehicles come in all sorts of makes and models

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Sprinters are the most versatile vehicles

The Sprinter Vehicle is an extremely versatile vehicle and can be used for many things like Mobile Labs, Crime Scene Investigations, Food Trucks, Transit Vehicles, Commercial and Delivery Vehicles, to Emergency Vehicles like ambulances and Special Operations Units like SWAT and Strike Force.

Mobile Labs

There are many types of vehicle-based mobile laboratories. Law Enforcement and Crime Scene Investigators as well as Commercial interests…

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Sprinter Upfitting

People can convert the sprinter into almost any type of vehicle that they desire. ┬áSprinters are fast becoming the…

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Sprinter Van Interior

Sprinter Van Interior The interior of the sprinter conversion says a lot of the mission and vehicle purpose

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Why Us

Why chose up to have your Sprinter converted? The ford Transit which is their version of the Sprinter which…

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